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Atlantic South – Terrorformer Single


As the gloomy track rumbles on to its dramatic conclusion, Luke Edwards growls “Mark my words, this will be the end”. But the fact of the matter is that Atlantic South’s pre-xmas single release “Terrorformer” shakes off a completely different message, laced with all the elements of an ambitious metal band trying to claw their way out of mediocrity and tattoo their name across the hearts and horns of metallers nation wide.

This is far from the end folks. These guys are just getting started.

The boys headed off to 7 String Studios to bring this beast to life and quickly found themselves in good company as this very conscious track started to take shape. “Terrorformer is about mankind’s endless pursuit for more, at the cost of our own earth” says guitarist Gareth Howard. “Our thirst for more is so great that we are willing to follow it to the point of this planet’s destruction”.

And this feeling of doom and despair creeps its way all over the track, with the frantic opening riffs racing into a wall of bloated hardcore vocals, eventually hitting the brakes to dive into a massive break-down, resurfacing to lyrics of “Terrorformer, terrorise”. The rest of the track plays out in a similar manner until another massive F U break-down raises “Terrorformer” to its monumental climax, kicking your teeth in for good measure.

Style/Genre: The band sticks itself under the post-harcore/metalcore tree and “Terrorformer” stems from a similar place, striking a fine balance with its pulverizing tempos and contrasting moody interpretation of metalcore, eventually side-footing into doomy territory. They shift under impenetrable layers of deathly growls whilst keeping the focus on their desperate warning toward humanity and lyrically deliver mature songwriting with a message anyone can relate to, in a time when our planet’s natural resources and support systems have really started to show signs of buckling.

Production quality: “Terrorformer” is a solid delivery within the genre and succeeds at everything it sets out to do, but while Atlantic South has crafted this dominant work, which will undoubtedly raise a few eyebrows within the local community, I do feel the recording quality is the real hero in this epic.

In SA, many bands have good lyrical minds, talented musicians and poses a real flare for genre songwriting, but if put it in the wrong hands you may end up with the ugly sister instead of the hot cousin. And like a popular bar hopping wingman, 7 String Studios has delivered the cousin, in all her perky glory.

“They were very professional yet so easy to work with. They have an “all hands on deck approach” where there is so much experience between the team, it was so effortless to chose a direction and run with it“. Garreth explains. “The combined efforts in studio made a massive impact on the general outcome of the song and everything from pre production to post production was smooth as can be.”

The real winner is the manner in which they have managed to stoke out Luke’s aggressive vocals and place it dead center and instead of feeling like just another separate instrument being drowned out by the noise, his voice and the lyrics stand alone and are complimented by the band behind them, creating a well balanced sound cohesively marching in one direction.

It feels like the emphasis was always on the overall package rather than instrumental prowess, which bodes well for the futures of both the studio and the band, especially since Atlantic South have plans to return for work on an exciting project in the new year.

Lyrics: As mentioned before, the resounding theme behind the track is humanity and its endless material pursuits at the expense of the world we dare call home, with emphasis pressed on lyrics like “Brace yourselves, these are the final moments of your life” and “are you alive or are you dead inside? Mark my words, this will be the end” driving this powerful track home.

“We have created idols for ourselves, taking us down a path of terror and consumption where the ultimate solution can only be to depart for a new world” Gareth elaborates. Its easy for a young band fall into generic agro lyrical concepts but AS keeps it close to the heart while managing not to sound like a green peace organization, and that’s always a good thing.

Conclusion: “Terrorformer” hardly tries anything new and nods to the usual metalcore influences, from the melodies of Killswitch to the aggression of As I Lay Dying of yesteryear.

But what AS has done, with resounding success, is deliver a robust end product as they left no stones unturned in their efforts to fashion an obviously dear project from a jam session, into a recording of such absurd quality that it may well see them roped into many of the major local events propping up your 2015 calendar.

Everything from production quality to lyrical content has been brought together

brilliantly and raises Atlantic South from the foot of the table to the dizzying heights of acute local metal stardom.

Regardless of what preferred metal genre actually tickles your fancy, anyone who sits down to take a listen will quickly realize that this is a track to be proud of and acknowledge that Atlantic South now has a solid foundation to stand on, catapulting them into the new year with wind in their sails and a ferocious demon on the leash.

Photography courtesy and provided by: Atlantic South

  • written by Zain Domo


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